• Business Goals
  • Work Life Balance
  • Become a Leader
  • Build a Team
  • Manage Conflicts
  • Get Over Bad Incidents
  • Improve Relationships

Achieve Business Goals

As business owners & leaders the paramount challenge is to achieve business goals because they are linked with the company’s growth and targets. As you achieve targets you are able to achieve higher profits, expand business and roll out new product and services. If you are an employee, a CXO, a manager or an executive you achieve better compensation, promotion, rewards and recognition. The challenge of achieving business goal begins as the goal is set.

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Personal and Professional Life - How to Choose

As the world gets competitive and the career race heats up, you find yourself spending more time at work than at home and miss doing stuff that you really love doing. As work life balance gets lop sided relationships suffer. Also, many times we end up doing jobs which we are not passionate about and are stuck in a vicious circle.

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Climb the Ladder - Become a Leader

If you are a leader - a CEO, Manager or a Team Leader... you will agree that there are multiple aspects to team leadership involving people, situations and yourself. To be in a position of a leader is challenging as all aspects mentioned above keep changing. As a leader the first challenge is to build leadership traits & behavior and skills that will serve you, to be recognized and accepted as a leader.

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Build a Team

A team is always the centre of action, as individuals don’t operate in silos. Targets are designed for a team and achieved as a team. We succeed if the team succeeds and fail if the team fails. The issue with the team is not people or their behavior but the fact that every human being perceives situations and circumstances as per his own beliefs, values and experiences.

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Manage Conflicts

We know a company is made by its employees and often different departments and divisions are involved in executing projects. However, there are many occasions where work gets delayed or quality is below par because department heads don’t see eye to eye. This situation also holds true for relationships within teams, with your subordinate and even with your boss.

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Get Over Bad Incidents

Is there a bad incident which is impacting your relationship? Many times past memories and mishaps impact our current relationships. The incidents are so engraved in our memory that it stops you to move on as you either draw comparisons or are afraid of a repeat happening.

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Improve Relationships

Often working professionals complain about stress at workplace, long working hours and the need to work hard to earn good money. The spouse complains of lack of time and attention, inability to communicate and express feelings and dwindling understanding. This creates friction, frequent arguments and communication breakdown.

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About Coach

Rahul Iyer is a trained ICF and NLP certified practitioner. Rahul makes extensive use of NLP techniques during coaching sessions which enable clients to achieve an ideal state by which they can find solutions and achieve goals. Rahul is a specialist in Relationship & Executive coaching.


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