Achieve Business Goals

The Challenge

As business owners & leaders the paramount challenge is to achieve business goals because they are linked with the company’s growth and targets. As you achieve targets you are able to achieve higher profits, expand business and roll out new product and services. If you are an employee, a CXO, a manager or an executive you achieve better compensation, promotion, rewards and recognition. In a nutshell no matter whether you own a business, you are an independent professional or a corporate executive, your primary objective is to achieve your business goal which is generally set at the beginning of the year.

The challenge of achieving business goal begins as the goal is set. Usually we set business goals without giving due consideration and thought to aspects like

  • Whether the goal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound)
  • The team to whom goals will be further distributed and their motivation levels
  • Approach to achieve the goal (traditional ways of working might act as a roadblock to achieving the goal)
  • Addressing beliefs inside you which will stop you from achieving the goal
  • Any negative feelings or incident which might hamper your progress

As goals are established and peculated to the team, the reaction is positive initially (because of general high enthusiasm of the year beginning) and fades away as time passes or is negative from the start. The result, goals are not met, targets are missed, and goals keep changing mid-year. Additionally, a limiting belief sets in because of X reasons goals can never be achieved.

The Solution

As part of our coaching frame work we work with you in sessions on specific exercises which revolve around

  • Establishing a goal setting framework which you can use to set achievable goals
  • Revive learning and positive attitude from the goals achieved in the past.
  • Making you discover a strategy to achieve the goal
  • Removing any limiting belief which stops you from achieving the goal
  • Building a team which is in sync with you by giving you the tools to develop greater understanding and rapport with the team

Coaching sessions are planned after identifying specific pain area and are conducted flexibly, addressing specific issues. After every session an action plan is prepared which is to be completed by you and will be followed up by the coach.


  • Goal setting no longer remains a yearly/time bound routine exercise. Realistic goals can be set and achieved.
  • The client gets trained on a goal setting tool which he/she can use to set business goals
  • All inhibitions and limiting beliefs regarding goal achievement vanish
  • Client discover their own solutions and lay down a plan for goal achievement
  • Team members gel well. The group then works as consolidated unit with a single aim of goal achievement.

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