Build a Team

A team is always the centre of action, as individuals don’t operate in silos. Targets are designed for a team and achieved as a team. We succeed if the team succeeds and fail if the team fails.


  • Do we believe as a team we are one?
  • Is there someone in the team who takes credit for success but not blame for failure?
  • Are there conflicts in the team?
  • Are there some team members who are difficult to work with?
  • As a leader, is team building and management your biggest challenge?

All challenges mentioned above are common which managers and leaders face every day. The issue is not people or their behavior but the fact that every human being perceives situations and circumstances as per his own beliefs, values and experiences. Every human being is different from the other and nobody is more right than the other. Every individual has his perception which might be right for him and wrong for the other.


Keeping in mind that a team is made of different individuals our coaching program focuses on rapport building. Rapport building does not mean becoming close friends but using techniques to relate to your team member, see his point of view and make him see yours. The coaching session provides simple steps for rapport building by focusing on elements such as matching body language, voice tonality, language in terms of words and expressions.

Another powerful coaching session revolves around understanding the beliefs and values of each team member. There are some people who are driven by their internal passion and strength. They form opinions based on their beliefs and seek advice from people they feel fit. However, there are some who look for external stimuli to get motivated and perform. They get bogged down if you don’t praise them regularly even if they are doing well. Once you understand such beliefs and behavioral patterns you are able to communicate better, understand better and build a team which performs as a unit towards a common goal.


  • Build a team that understands each other’s perspective and work as a well oiled machine
  • Minimize conflicts by building rapport
  • Gain respect as a manager and a leader by understanding each individual’s point of view
  • The focus of the team moves from failures to success which drives motivation and ensure greater achievements
  • Eventually, team members start working for each other and enjoy each other’s success

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