Manage Conflicts


We know a company is made by its employees and often different departments and divisions are involved in executing projects. However, there are many occasions where work gets delayed or quality is below par because department heads don’t see eye to eye. This situation also holds true for relationships within teams, with your subordinate and even with your boss and this generates conflict. Sometimes, the relationship turns so sour that transfers are requested and situation becomes unmanageable.

Having a workable relationship minus conflicts can be the secret behind the success of an organization. In corporate with large workforce & complex team structures where assignments are executed across geographies, having good relationships become more critical as people are not physically present including the reporting managers.


Specific models designed around conflict management and relationship improvement become part of the coaching sessions with prime focus on understanding perspectives, striking conversations, eliminating effect of a bad incident, and building understanding. We don’t have to be friends at work but should be in a position to respect and collaborate to ensure mutual success.

As part of the coaching exercise the session focuses on understanding the other’s view point in terms of

  • What he does
  • Why he does
  • What is his intention

Many times the intent is good but the way it is projected is misunderstood which can result in a conflict. Sometimes a bad incident - a fight or an argument lingers on and becomes a mental block. Dedicated sessions are conducted to get over a bad incident which allows you to move on and improve your relationship.

Another session based on cause and effect can prove fruitful in eliminating conflict. Whenever a relationship turns sour we are the affected party. Imagine you move yourself from the effect to being the cause of improving a relationship - this simple change in thought can open ideas to end conflict


  • Improve relationship with your peers, subordinates, boss , partners and vendors
  • No conflict means harmony at work place. This leads to improved work performance as work happens faster & in a consultative fashion.
  • You are held in high regard as you maintain cordial relations and become a likable colleague
  • You get support in all decisions you take, which help achieve business objectives
  • Climb up the ladder. Journey to the top is smooth as you win support at each stage of your career

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