Climb the Ladder - Become a Leader

If you are a leader - a CEO, Manager or a Team Leader... you will agree that there are multiple aspects to team leadership involving people, situations and yourself. To be in a position of a leader is challenging as all aspects mentioned above keep changing, and its is crucial for you to adopt, understand, get inspired and learn to become a leader and remain relevant as a leader. Leadership is not only an issue in the corporate world but also in various other sectors including retail - on the shop floor, healthcare as the HOD, education institutions, sports, politics and other vocations where teams are actively involved.

The Challenge

As a leader the first challenge is to build leadership traits, behavior and skills that will serve you, to be recognized and accepted as a leader. Next is to build a culture of motivation and inspiration that will help you and your team to bind together and face day to day business situations

As a leader, an area which poses great difficulty is being accepted as a leader. Another challenge is to develop understanding with your team i.e. to understand their perspective and the fact that each individual is different from other and therefore needs to be dealt differently.

As leaders there are times when there is a dilemma, you are stuck and are not able to take decisions. This hampers your ability to execute plans & generates negative feelings relating to failure which impacts goal setting, goal distribution and achievement.

The solution

Specialized module of coaching sessions designed to address the challenges outlined above

  • Develop leadership traits and confidence by idealizing your role models and remain in a feel good state
  • How you can understand your team, their behavior and actions. What they like doing and how they perceive things
  • Remove friction by understanding the team members’ point of view, gain respect and win trust
  • Build the ability to take decisions by removing limiting beliefs and negative feelings
  • Set realistic and achievable goals & most importantly ensure goals are accepted by your team and are worked upon


  • Practical sessions addressing challenge areas around goal achievement, decision making, leadership skills, team relationship and fear & doubt
  • Get accepted as an individual who is heard, followed and respected
  • Improved self belief allows you to take decisions and execute plans.
  • Quickly learn and adapt to changing situations and business dynamics, to eliminate negative impact and turn situations to your advantage
  • Develop the skill to understand behaviors, perspectives, strengths and limitations. This allows you to pick the best man for the job

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