What is Coaching

Coaching is a process through which a coach partners with his client and facilitates discovery of solutions. Coaching believes that the client is an expert of his life and work domain and has all the resources to find his own solutions. A coach never solves a problem or suggests a solution. His responsibility is to assist a client to:

  • Clarify and zero down on what he wants to achieve
  • Enable him to discover solutions
  • Reinstate the solutions and bring them to the forefront
  • Establish a process where client is responsible for his actions

The job of a coach is to ask pertinent questions which make the client introspect and look into areas which he has not thought of. As the conversation builds up, by using specialized techniques the coach is able to make the client think and come up with an action plan which helps him achieve what he wants. The quality on which a coach thrives is the ability to listen carefully, ask powerful open ended questions, and make the client think of a way out by reflecting back on the answers given by him.

What Coaching is not

Coaches are some time misunderstood as mentors, physiologists and counselors. Coaching focuses on achieving a state where client finds his own solutions. In some of the professions mentioned above the solutions are suggested by the said professionals. In coaching, the coach is always at the back end and it is the client who sets the goal and steers the action. The coach only helps a client achieve a positive state which enables the client to achieve the goal.

Why We Need Coaching

As individuals we learn and build our values and belief systems which in turn drive our behavior and perceptions. Also incidents, experiences and memories affect the way we act, work and feel. Coaching helps in opening the mind to connect to the best approach (which the client already knows in his unconscious mind) & eliminate negative mindsets to achieve goals.

Coaching is a simple process of interaction where the client is the solution finder. The coach does not dwell into unchartered territory neither pushes the client, this makes the client comfortable as it is up to him to share what he wants to. The safe and positive environment creates possibilities and client is able to find solutions which otherwise he might not be able to do.

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