Improve Relationships

Having a healthy relationship is the fulcrum of having a healthy peaceful life. Lot of executives experience burn outs because of relationship issues, it starts from home and spreads to work and sometimes is even more severe as both partners are working executives.

The Challenge

Often working professionals complain about stress at workplace, long working hours and the need to work hard to earn good money. The spouse complains of lack of time and attention, inability to communicate and express feelings and dwindling understanding. This creates friction, frequent arguments and communication breakdown. Sudden actions triggered by the buildup often damages relationships and lead to break ups. Lot of times couples don’t even realize what happened, why it happened and regret taking harsh decisions later. This also holds true for all relationships across board.


Coaching sessions designed to improve relationships provide an opportunity to listen, dialogue and understand perspective of the other in a safe environment. Each session opens up opportunities to find solutions and ways to mend feelings and move beyond the stumbling block. Sessions on work life balance, understanding perspective and getting over negative feelings focus on resolving key issues that impact relationship, and pave way to building greater understanding and most importantly develop mutual respect.

If people in relationships can understand the others view point a lot of misunderstandings and issues are automatically resolved. Similarly, a lot of times issues at work place or negative work life balance impacts relationships. Also negative feelings generated from a bad incident in the past hampers emotions adversely. As some of the challenges mentioned above are identified, coaching sessions are conducted to address the same.


  • Improve mutual understanding. Identify and address issues which are impacting your relationship
  • Eliminate roadblocks at workplace or outside your relationship, which are affecting you adversely.
  • Improve communication. Start talking and sharing your life with each other.
  • Achieve greater balance in life so you remain emotionally stable & humble
  • Respect each other in relation to each other’s thoughts & feelings
  • Develop solid understanding by respecting the others view point

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