Get Over Bad Incidents

Is there a bad incident which is impacting your relationship? Many times past memories and mishaps impact our current relationships. The incidents are so engraved in our memory that it stops you to move on as you either draw comparisons or are afraid of a repeat happening.

The Challenge

Developing bad relationships many times is an after effect of a bad incident. The incident generates great amount of anxiety & fear and stops you from looking ahead and makes you lose self control. These incidents could be a fight in the office, at home or a life changing incident of death, trauma or failures in day to day activities of life. The bigger challenge here is that you might be aware of this but are not able to find a way out.

Memory of a bad incident lingers on and crops up suddenly making you weak, affecting your behavior and impacting your relationship. Look out for these symptoms.

  • Do you feel sudden high level of anxiety?
  • Do you think about any incident all the time?
  • Do you get irritated in specific situations again and again?
  • Is your breathing stressed?
  • Do you face difficulty in concentration?
  • Do you think your relationships are getting impacted?


Specialized techniques (with key focus to eliminate the effect of bad incidents) become part of coaching sessions. The coaching approach helps you to identify the impact of a bad incident, go through sessions to eliminate the impact and create action points to improve current relationships and quality of life. You are able to find resources which help you believe that you are completely safe in your present & this in turn gives you a firm belief that past incidents no longer affect you.


  • As you come over bad incidents you achieve mental peace and composure
  • Your partner, family, friends and colleagues discover a new you which help improve relationships
  • You are able to take decisions in the present without being affected by the past
  • Self confidence improves, and you achieve your life and business goals

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